Dragon 7 coming soon...

The new version of Dragon (7.0) will be released in January 2016 and distributed by Kode srl. Visit their website for updates on this new release!

Who will purchase a Dragon 6 license before the end of the year will be entitled to a free upgrade to Dragon 7.
Dragon 6

Dragon 6 is an application for the calculation of molecular descriptors. These descriptors can be used to evaluate molecular structure-activity or structure-property relationships, as well as for similarity analysis and high-throughput screening of molecule databases. Actually Dragon is widely used in scientific studies as well as part of several QSAR suites.

Dragon 6 calculates 4885 molecular descriptors (see the complete descriptor list). In this latest version of Dragon, new molecular descriptors have been added, such as CATS 2D, Klein TDB autocorrelations, atom-type E-state indices, ETA descriptors, P_VSA descriptors, ring descriptors, several indices from different 2D and 3D matrices, drug-like and lead-like filters.

Dragon 6 has been reconceived with the aim of proposing an even more powerful application for descriptor calculation and analysis. Dragon 6 has been designed to work both for Windows and Linux, as graphical and command-line interface. The changes between Dragon 5.5 and Dragon 6.0 are listed in the on-line help. The Graphical User Interface has been completely renewed to improve and facilitate selection and calculation of molecular descriptors. Moreover, new tools for the screening analysis of calculated descriptors have been added.
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Dragon 6 main characteristics:  

No. molecular descriptors


No. molecular descriptor blocks


No. molecules per batch


No. atoms per molecule (H included)


Maximal atom connectivity (no. of bonds) unlimited
Number of atom weighting schemes 7

No. user-defined variables


Operating system Windows, Linux
Graphical user interface yes

Batch mode